Transcranial Microcontroller

Ready item is used in production of    
High-grade Ascendancy Delta High-grade Ascendancy Delta Сalculate production
High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Сalculate production
High-grade Ascendancy Gamma High-grade Ascendancy Gamma Сalculate production
Mid-grade Ascendancy Delta Mid-grade Ascendancy Delta Сalculate production
Mid-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Mid-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Сalculate production
Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma Сalculate production
Entosis Link II Entosis Link II Сalculate production
Input materials Quantity Unit cost Amount, isk
Biocells Biocells 10 0.00
Nanites Nanites 10 0.00
Output materials
Transcranial Microcontrollers Transcranial Microcontrollers 3 0.00
Components procurement system 0.00
System sales of manufactured item 0.00
Additional expenditures per 1 job
Sum a components amount + expenses 0
Profit 0
Planet resourse and materials