Gel-Matrix Biopaste

Ready item is used in production of    
Nanite Repair Paste Nanite Repair Paste Сalculate production
High-grade Ascendancy Beta High-grade Ascendancy Beta Сalculate production
High-grade Ascendancy Gamma High-grade Ascendancy Gamma Сalculate production
High-grade Ascendancy Omega High-grade Ascendancy Omega Сalculate production
Mid-grade Ascendancy Beta Mid-grade Ascendancy Beta Сalculate production
Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma Сalculate production
Mid-grade Ascendancy Omega Mid-grade Ascendancy Omega Сalculate production
Input materials Quantity Unit cost Amount, isk
Oxides Oxides 10 0.00
Biocells Biocells 10 0.00
Superconductors Superconductors 10 0.00
Output materials
Gel-Matrix Biopaste Gel-Matrix Biopaste 3 0.00
Components procurement system 0.00
System sales of manufactured item 0.00
Additional expenditures per 1 job
Sum a components amount + expenses 0
Profit 0
Planet resourse and materials